Welcome to the U.S.S. Frank W. Ault

Welcome to http://ussfrankwault.org/, home of the U.S.S. Frank W. Ault. We are a ship belonging to Starfleet International, registry number is NCC-4744397. Our organization was formerly known as the USS Topgun, (NCC-75029). Both honor the creation of the Navy’s “Top Gun” fight school, but was renamed to prevent confusion that we are a fan club for the movie of the same name.


The “Ault” is meeting chapter with members who are very different in our likes and dislikes, yet we still have common interests. We are scheduled to meet every month for club meetings, scheduled events or both. We have watch movies together, visited the Maryland Renaissance Festival, as well as other festivals, conventions, and almost anything else sci-fi or fantasy related and sometimes things that strike our fancy. We have even had fun at “Duck Pin” bowling!


We are an inclusive club and don’t care about our differences, and revel in our differences, but mostly in what we have in common. We have people of varied religions, backgrounds, and who work many types of jobs. Who you are matters to us, but is not an issue of contention. We want your ideas, so join us, we meet on the third Saturday of each month, unless the meeting conflicts with events or holidays. Just click on “Meetings” in the menu above.

Capt. Walter M Green III
U.S.S. Frank W. Ault

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