Welcome to the U.S.S. Frank W. Ault

Welcome to aboard the U.S.S. Frank W. Ault, a star ship belonging to the United Federation of Planets. We are both a fictional ship belonging to “Starfleet” and a real world science fiction club and chapter of STARFLEET International. Our chapter is one of many belonging to STARFLEET International, and as such were issued the registry number NCC-4744397 as would a ship of the United Federation of Planets.


Our organization began as the USS Topgun, (NCC-75029) in order to honor both the Naval Fight School nick named “Topgun” and one of it’s former members, aviator, and a mentor to this clubs founder. People however had the misconception we were named for the “Top Gun” movie. We changed our name to avoid confusion about why we were a sci-fi club, and not fan club for the movie. We were renamed for the man who issued the report calling for the creation of the Naval Flight School in order to continue honoring the flight school. We named and continue to call our marine strike group “The Mavericks” to honor our founders mentor.


The “Ault” is meeting chapter with members who are very different in our likes and dislikes, yet we still have common interests in other words we are mavericks hence the name used for Star Fleet Marine Corps. We have watch movies, visit the Maryland Renaissance Festival, museums and other places and event; as well as other festivals, conventions, and almost anything sci-fi or fantasy related. We have even had fun at “Duck Pin” bowling! Recently we hosted a Marine Challenge (Summer 2017), and hope to do more outdoor and indoor events in the in year.


We are an inclusive club and and revel in our differences, as well as what we have common. Viva la difference! We welcome people of varied religions (Christian, Jewish, Pagan…), backgrounds, races, et cetera who work many types of jobs. Who you are inside matters to us, and is never an issue of contention, but may be a matter of interest. We want seek new ideas and learn new things, so join us and share them.

Capt. Walter M Green III
U.S.S. Frank W. Ault

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