Jul 19 2012

The Commissioning of USS Frank W Ault

The following document is a duplicate of instructions and approval received by the Commanding Officer, Captain Walter M Green III, regarding the transfer of the crew compliment from the U.S.S. Top Gun (a Sovereign Class Vessel), the to the U.S.S. Frank W. Ault (a new Wells Class Vessel). Said document also officially decommissions the the U.S.S. Top Gun, and commissions the U.S.S. Frank W. Ault as a ship in the United Federation of Planets. In real worlds terms this means the U.S.S. Top Gun, a chapter of STARFLEET International has been renamed chapter the U.S.S. Frank W. Ault. Upon receiving Starfleet’s approval of the name change in all became official.

By order of Starfleet Command, Department of Technical Services, CH 75029 Top Gun is directed to return to spacedock at Starbase 7. At that time, the crew shall transfer to the following starship:


Name: U.S.S. Frank W. Ault
Vessel Class/Type: Wells-Class Timeship
Registry: NCC-4744397


Upon completion of transfer, you will confirm new assignment orders and proceed to deploy CA 4744397 Frank W. Ault.


In the interim, please take the time to familiarize yourself with all design specifications and operating parameters for U.S.S. Frank W. Ault, in order to assure a smooth deployment when the time comes.


All best to you and your crew…


In Service…


ADM Alex Rosenzweig
Director, Department of Technical Services
Director, Office of Technical Information

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